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Our base is Pegasus House, 17 Elder Grove, Wombourne, South Staffordshire WV5 0EN but our members can come from anywhere!

You can ring us on 01902 893204 (8.30 am - 4.30 pm weekdays) or on 07753 582781 or email highflyers88@yahoo.co.uk

If you want to find out more, or have any questions, you will need to speak to Sheila Baker who does the boring stuff while we are out having fun!

High Flyers

We are a charity organisation running a centre in Wombourne for young adults with learning difficulties.

Meet our members.

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Members Comments

I come on a Tuesday to High Flyers. I really enjoy horse riding, I ride Mia, I also like to do the hay nets.

I also like to do life skills with my friends.

I enjoy cooking on Tuesday at High Flyers with Sarah and I also enjoy drama on a Thursday afternoon

at Side by Side and I enjoy making new friends and I know a few people that come here from Penn Fields

special school. I also enjoy seeing Flossie the service dog every month.

I enjoy golf and I enjoy doing art and doing drama on Thursdays and enjoy going to cinema with High Flyers

and going to discos.

I enjoy cooking, I like art, I like the rabbit, meeting friends, I like gardening.

I like High Flyers, I like cooking, I like horse riding, I like cleaning the rabbit out, I like holding the rabbit.

I come to High Flyers on Tuesday and Friday. I like horse riding and Bob Jones (sports centre).

I like riding Henry the horse.

What I like doing at High Flyers is riding the bicycle at Mary Stevens park, this is cycle training.

I also like doing the High Flyers gadgets and Bob Jones (sports centre) on Friday.

I also like cooking too.

What I have enjoyed at High Flyers is drama with Emma (Side by Side) and what I really enjoy is the gadgets group

and care to share.

What I enjoy doin at High Flyers, golf, horse riding, Bob Jones (sports centre) and bowling.

What I like at High Flyers, West Midlands Safari Park, golf, archery, Dumbo at the cinema and

Bob Jones (sports centre)

I enjoy High Flyers with my friends and Smile Club. We talk about God we have a drink and have fun.

Sharon plays the guitar and I sing along. Sometimes Sharon brings in a DVD for us to watch. At Easter

we had a party with a puppet show.

At High Flyers I enjoy doing:

High Flyers gadgets which is a "not for profit" business to support elderly/disabled people.

Butlins - I like Butlins doing different activities during the week.

Bob Jones - sometimes on a Friday afternoon we go out doing different sport sessions.

Birthday parties - I enjoy taking part in bowling and cinema and going out for meals, being with friends

I enjoy swimming at High Flyers

I like going on the trampoline

I love loads of cups of tea

I love Brenda's bag

I like going shopping on the mini bus or sometimes I walk

I enjoy music time with Sharon

I like to be a giggly girl

I like to be good girl for everyone

I like swimming on Wednesday at the Walsall swimming baths because it's fun I also enjoy sport because

it is fun to.

It's our group! At High Flyers we are all on the Management Team so we get to say what we want to do and where we would like to go. Our timetable is full of things we like to do and we can choose which days we want to attend. Here are some of the things we do!

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We have our own mini business called High Flyers Gadgets. The gadgets are small items that make life easier for those with physical problems and the elderly -like aids to open tin cans and bottles easily and bath mats to stop you slipping in the bath. We can all do different jobs in our 'business'. Some of us can parcel things up, some of us can sort out the money, and some of us can order things on the phone. We are a talented lot!
We love horse riding and even our members who need wheelchairs can join in. Cleaning up after the horses isn't quite as much fun,
We enjoy learning on our computers and have worked on this website. We have a High Flyers face book, blog and twitter accounts, which have all our latest news. We have learnt about Microsoft Office programmes, image/sound/video editing programmes and we have art and Makaton programmes on our ipads.
IT Skills
We like going exploring at Baggeridge and Cannock chase. We have done a lot of work at Wildside and Step-out. During our Bushcraft sessions we have learnt everything from making shelters to looking after our environment, but best of all was cooking outside!
The World Around Us
We have an annual holiday to Butlins at Minehead. We don't know why but the staff don't think it's a holiday! We have a great time especially at the night time disco. Also, this year some of us tried a night of camping and we want to do it loads more!
Annual Holiday and Camping
We love going on trips out and we suggest different places to go. Our last trip was to Cadbury world. Very tasty.
We have our own rabbit called Biscuit, giant snails and some fish. Each spring we have an incubator and watch chicks come out from their eggs. We have had lots of people bringing animals and birds for us to see them and we have taken part in 'Zoo keeper' days.
All creatures great, small and smaller
We like to help our local community. We do things like helping in charity shops, looking after the village planters, going on litter picks, and growing bulbs for the Rotary club. We performed sketches and sing and sign at different events. The last one we did was at the Shine event at Brierley Hill civic hall
Our Community
We are an energetic lot and when the weather is good we play tennis on the local tennis courts, cricket at a local sports ground, outdoor bowls, football, and have golf training too. We have done cycle training and have adapted bikes we can use. We also like swimming, canoeing, archery and some of us even like abseiling
We have fun at our weekly drama and dance sessions with the Side by Side theatre company and those that want to can join in their week long production at Stourbridge town hall. We also have music sessions every week and have our own choir that sing and sign.
Dance Drama and Music
We still manage to fit this into our timetable but do it in a fun way. One of the things we do is a weekly topical project which we research then share what we have learnt. With our staff to help us we do jobs around Pegasus house including cooking and ironing and our next task is to learn how to do High Flyers shopping on the internet.
Education & life skills
We also look after are own garden where we grow fruit and vegetables to eat. Then we get to cook and eat them. We are really good at gardening. We grow lots of our own vegetables and cook them to go with our lunches.
We don't just draw and paint - we have done animation, sowing, and even made a giant flying horse and tissue paper elephant!
Arts and crafts